Hi, my full name is Nguyen Van Quang. I am a software developer specializing in mobile development (mainly native Android and iOS, recently using Xamarin for cross-platform). I have built dozens of mobile apps from concept to delivery and maintenance stage. When I was in university, I built and published apps which got more than a million of downloads totally. Besides, I am also an open-source contributor and blogger.

Building things

Crafting was my hobby that I enjoyed as a kid, some of my products were really useful, and others just were silly funny things.
When I was in university, I was really interested in Android and learned to develop apps which got more than a million of downloads totally, the most successful one has been downloaded more than 300,000 times. Some of them still can be found on Google Play.
At that time, I went through all stages of a development process which includes sketching idea, planning, designing, coding, releasing and marketing.

At that time, design, software, and entrepreneur took my time and passion equally.

Software development

Software development was planned to be the main focus in my career path. Especially, I continued to put my efforts on mobile development in which I expanded my skills to work with Android, iOS, and understand software architecture. In addition to clean codes, I evaluated effective development process.

The more time I spend on software, the more I see its beauty, especially in purely abstract layers (which are independent to libraries, frameworks, programming languages, and even time). After exploring various things beyond mobile world, the followings are what I care the most to build and deliver high-quality software products.

If you want to get in touch, please find me via Twitter, Github, or drop me a message via email.